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Hi Friends, welcome to IT Free Source.  Our website is all about solving your queries and giving you right guidance with proper material to prepare.  Whether you are from non-IT background or from an IT employee, we have something for everyone.

Do ask your any kind of queries and we’ll try to provide an optimal solution for it with a roadmap.  Here, we will cover variety of topics like MBA subjects and help in its assignments of common subjects for multiple streams, IT topics like Computer Programming, latest tools and technologies that are being used in the industry and cyber security etc.  Following our website’s content you’ll get proper guidance for securing the job in IT industry.

If you are a fresher then aptitude is an essential part of your preparation which is required for almost all the examinations like E-Litmus, Amcat, TCS NQT, Wipro’s Elite Talent Hunt etc.  You may follow This Aptitude series for learning most of the important topics which will help you land the job as a fresher.  Even if you are a senior and wants to get better at programming then we know Maths is an important factor for a good coder, then do have a look at some of the imp topics you may like.

Keep visiting, keep learning.  Thank you.

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