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Here we mostly talk about NMIMS MBA programme.  Everything will be free including hints to write good quality assignments, multiple choice questions and theoretical questions with numericals.
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1.Basic Concepts of Strategic Management

1-1. The emphasis of strategic management is on A. long-term performance. B. first line managers. C. the short-run performance of the corporation. D. an examination of the organization’s internal environment.…

6B – Writing Persuasive Messages

1. Which of the following is an attempt to change an audience’s attitudes, beliefs, or actions? a. Persuasion b. Planning c. Analysis d. Motivation e. Psychographics 2. Marketers use quantifiable…

4 – Social Media

1. Why does writing for social media need a different approach to writing than for traditional media? a. The relationship between the sender and the receiver is different b. Companies…

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