Q. 1 ) Who am I to answer this ?

Answer: I am a part of IT Free Source organization / educational website and currently working as a Lead Software Engineer at an MNC. I have experience in both Development and Testing (Manual as well as Automation).

As per the experience, I consider myself pretty qualified to write this blog as I have also taken the interviews in my previous organizations and in my current organization also I am a part of Interview Panel.

So, let’s jump on to real discussion for a valuable outcome of your time investment with us. Thanks for coming to this blog, please keep reading further.

Q. 2) Are QA’s or testers still required in the software companies ?

Answer: Yes, my dear friend. QA analysts are integral and irremovable part of any organizational team.

Actually, the developers should not or in fact must not validate the functionality that they have developed. It’s like the builder is saying my building is perfect but we get the loopholes or unknown problem only when we start living in the use.

Similar conditions happen with softwares as well, they will be either used by some people who do not have its development knowledge and or by some other software that needs its output as the input.

So, to complete all the phases of SDLC ( Software Development Life Cycle ) every team must validate the software developed by a developer. And, ideally one should get the verification by someone else than the developer itself because we often tend to overlook hidden facts that are necessary and the end user might try on.

Q 3) Is there any growth for QA’s in software industry ?

Answer: As I explained in above answer one must valiate the software developed by them if its customer facing or being used by more than one users in future. So, yes there is lot of growth for Quality Analysts if you are good at what you are doing.

A QA should know one programming language very well (whatever being used in the organization or whatever you personally like) like Java, Python, Javascript / Typescript and so on, Also, manual and automation testing skills are necessary to excel in your life. Along with this database knowledge (basic queries execution) for SQL and NoSQL databases.

I have seen people getting very low salaries for developers as well as QA’s but I have also seen quality analysts getting 20 Lakh per annum Plus package in India which is a really good package for an engineer with some years of experience.

I will keep updating this document and such content on website so keep visiting IT Free Source for more such content and please feel free to ask your questions in comment section.

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