1) What is ethical hacking ?

a. Unauthorized intrusion in a system or a network. And commit malicious activities such as privacy invasion, stealing personal/corporate data, and more.

b. Systematically attempts to penetrate/intrude into a computer system/network on behalf of its owner and finds out threats and vulnerabilities.

Answer: b

2) Which of the following application(s) is/are used to secure personal laptop/desktop ?

a. Antivirus

b. Virus

c. Malware

d. Firewall

Answer: a, d

3) Which of the following is/are example of social engineering attacks?

a. Phishing

b. Baiting

c. Vishing

Answer: a, b, c

4) How you can secure your website?

a. Using firewall

b. Encrypting the Cookies

c. Validating and Verifying user input

d. Validating users parameters

Answer: a, b, c, d

5) Which of the following is true for firewall?

a. A firewall is a network security system

b. Firewall can allows or blocks network traffic as per predetermined security rules

c. Firewall are placed on the boundary of trusted and untrusted networks

d. None of these

Answer: a, b, c

6) Which of the following Linux command can be used to view network configuration?

a. ipconfig

b. ifconfig

c. Is

d. cd

e. None of these

Answer: b

7) “How many layers are there in OSI model ?

Answer: 7

8) Which of the following is / are transport layer protocol(s) ?

a. UDP

b. TCP

c. IP

d. Ethernet

Answer: a, b

9) In IPv6, the number of bits used in IP address is ?

Answer: 128 bits

10) Which of the following command(s) can be used to check the reachability of one system from another ?

a. ifconfig

b. ls

c. mkdir

d. None of these

Answer: d

11) Which of the following is / are a networking device ?

a. Hub

b. Switch

c. Router

d. None of these

Answer: a, b, c

12) Which of the following is used to host a website ?

a. Mail Server

b. Webserver

c. Database

d. None of these

Answer: b

13) Which of the following network is used to cover small area like a room / building ?

a. LAN

b. WAN

c. MAN

d. None of these

Answer: LAN


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