Leadership And Team Effectiveness – Week 1

1) Leadership involves both the rational and ___ sides of human experience.



Ans – Emotional


2) __ teams use computer technology to unite physically dispersed members and achieve a common goal.

Problem-Solving Teams

Self-Managed Teams

Cross-Functional Teams

Ans – Virtual Teams

3) State True and False Leadership is the ability to influence a group toward the achievement of a vision or set of goals.

Ans – True


4) How many emotional leaderships style were given by Daniel Goleman?




Ans – Six

5) Which of the following are considered to be shy and withdrawn?

Ans – Introverts





6) Which of the following is the myth of leadership?

Leadership is the process of becoming a leader.

Leadership is shared.

Highly competitive market leaders are needed at various levels.

Ans – Leadership is about only results, not people.


7) Leadership is the result of complex interactions among the leader, the followers, and __?




Ans – The situation


8) State True and False Leaders discourage growth and development in their followers beyond the scope of the job.


Ans – False

9) Which of the following refers to developing such as the degree of trust among all the members of a team or department, or on enhancing the reward systems in an organization to better encourage collaborative behavior?

Ans – Leadership Development

Leader Development

Competency Mapping

Technology Development


10) Möbius strip wherein the two concepts merge, just as ___ and ___can become indistinguishable in Organizations.

Ans – Leadership and Followership

Leaders and partiality

Task and politics

Mission and Biasness


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