1. What system uses a defined framework to address issues associated with the use of available resources and the delivery of products and services as prom￾ised to the customers?
A. MRP system
B. Procurement Scheduling
C. Production Scheduling
D. Operations Scheduling

2. Which is the process of rank-ordering the jobs in front of each resource to maximize some chosen performance measure?
A. Loading
B. Scheduling
C. Routing
D. Dispatching

3. What is the useful method when one job is assigned to one machine and there are as many machines available for assignment a there are jobs?
A. Process Planning
B. Flexible Manufacturing Systems
C. The Assignment Method
D. Production Planning

4. What are the parameters adequately describe the scheduling problems that one tries to solve?
A. Number of machines, Number of jobs, Shop configuration
B. Processing time, Due date, Random order
C. Completion measure, Inventory, Cost
D. Due date measure, Lateness, Work-in-Progress

5. With how many sets of jobs possible, the floor shop becomes a shop?
A. One
B. Two
C. Three
D. Four

6. For Job-shop scheduling which is the very useful graphical method?
A. Gantt charts
B. SPT rules
C. EED rules
D. Operating system

7. What is an important element of operational control
in manufacturing systems, especially in batch manu￾facturing and job-shop systems?
A. Production control
B. Input-Output control
C. Time control
D. Operation control

8. Operational control issues in mass production sys￾tems begin with the computation of:
A. Initial Environment Review (IER)
B. Environment Management System (EMS)
C. Health, Safety and Environment (HSE)
D. TAKT time

9. What was developed by Eliyahu Goldratt?
A. The Analogy
B. Synchronous
C. Bottleneck resource
D. The theory of constraints

10. Which is the administrative process of authorizing
processing of jobs?
A. Dispatching
B. Receiving
C. Allocating
D. Distributing


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