1. What is the first step in planning a presentation?
a. Gather information
b. Analyze the situation
c. Practice
d. Organize the information
e. Select the right medium

2. Which of the following is one way you can be sure to speak slowly and distinctly to be better understood by an international audience?
a. Repeat keywords and phrases
b. Keep the message simple
c. Communicate with body language
d. Incorporate visual aids
e. Articulate each word carefully

3. When giving a presentation to an international audience, what can be done to increase the clarity of your message?
a. Avoid slang and cultural idioms
b. Incorporate metaphors where possible
c. Replace one-word verbs with two-word verbs
d. Use abbreviations
e. Incorporate acronyms

4. What is the advantage of using classroom or theater seating for a presentation?
a. There is more interaction among audience members
b. It encourages collaborative activities
c. Attention is focused on the speaker
d. The speaker can walk around the room to interact with the audience . e.  It is easier to move into small groups for breakout sessions

5. Which of the following is a disadvantage of classroom seating for presentations?
a. It isolates the speaker
b. Some audience members will have their backs to other audience members
c. There is no room for small group activities
d. It inhibits interaction among audience members
e. There is little room to walk around and interact with the audience

6. If a presenter wants to incorporate small groups and breakout sessions during the presentation, what type of seating arrangement would be most effective?
a. Classroom
b. Theater
c. Conference tables
d. Horseshoe
e. Cafe

7. Which of the following are online presentations that people can view live or download to view later?
a. Webcasts
b. Screen casts
c. T webinars
d. Back channels
e. Nonlinear presentations

8. Which type of presentation includes activity recorded on a computer, with an audio voice-over?
a. Webcasts
b. Screen casts
c. T webinars
d. Back channels
e. Nonlinear presentations

9. Which type of presentation has a predefined flow, from start to finish?
a. Nonlinear
b. Screen cast
c. Linear
d. Back channel
e. T webinar

10. When organizing a speech or presentation, your first step is to
a. develop an outline.
b. define the main idea.
c. write the introduction.
d. decide on the delivery style.


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