1. What are the three important aspects that have a significant influence on the process?
A. Volume, Variety and Flow
B. Knowledge, Material and Choices
C. Product, Workers and Skill
D. Quantity, Processing and Category

2. The third category of flow is:
A. Jumbled flow system
B. Alternative flow
C. Mass production
D. Raw material

3. What are the three important aspects that has a significant influence on the process?
A. Turn-around time, Capital, and Investment
B. Volume, Variety and Flow
C. Volume, Variety and its Quality
D. None of the above

4. Physical arrangement of various resources available in the system to improve the performance of the operating system, thereby providing better customer service is termed as:
A. Manpower recruitment
B. Layout planning
C. IT solutions
D. Service department

5. What are the different types of “Manufacturing/Plan” Layout?
A. Budget Layout, Financial Layout
B. Building Layout, Emergency Exit Layout, Organization Layout
C. Process Layout, Product Layout, Group Technology Layout, Fixed Position Layout
D. Production Layout, Sales Layout

6. What is the most important task in a process based industries?
A. Adhere to the safety protocol
B. To make continuous improvement and capacity de-bottlenecking
C. To achieve the outcome within the stipulated time limit
D. To achieve incremental addition in the productivity

7. The design of a process layout is:
A. One-step process
B. Two-step process
C. Three-step process
D. Four-step process

8. Fixed layouts are used in?
A. Small industries
B. Only applies to new venture for a period of one year
C. Medium scale industries
D. Large project-based industries

9. Layouts are designed with the objective of subdividing a universe of machines and components into sub-groups such that each group of components forms a part of the family and is endowed with a cor￾responding sub- group of machines known as:
A. GT layout
B. Machine group
C. Diagonalized structure
D. Production flow

10. What promises significant reduction in manufacturing lead time, better space utilization, and cost reduction
due to better utilization of resources and manpower?
A. Multiple workers multiple machine layout
B. Multiple workers one machine layouts
C. One worker one machine layouts
D. One worker multiple machine layouts



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