1. Marketers can use ____ to link the virtual world of online social networking with the physical world of retail stores.
a. near-field collaboration
b. location-based social networking
c. rapid-response enumeration
d. cloud-based social monetisation

2. Which of the following is an important consideration when using digital media?
a. Choosing the best tool for the specific task
b. Incorporating offline social behaviour
c. Incompatible hardware
d. Differences in crafting the message
e. Response time

3. Which of the following is an important consideration when using digital media?
a. Printing costs
b. Using technology tools wisely
c. Incompatible hardware
d. Revision costs
e. Availability of the technology

4. Which of these short-message technologies now rivals or exceeds email usage in many companies?
a. Web content
b. Podcasting
c. Messaging
d. Wikis
e. Blogging

5. Using “teasers” in electronic media as a way to pull readers or listeners into a story or other document is
a. unethical and should always be avoided.
b. appropriate only when large purchases are not involved.
c. acceptable, as long as the payoff is valuable and legitimate.
d. never appropriate for micro blogging sites.

6. Which of the following is versatile enough to allow large companies to share hundreds or thousands of pages of documents, and just as effectively allows small businesses to create a digital presence with just a few pages of content?
a. Podcasts
b. Online video
c. Social networks
d. Websites
e. Micro blogs

7. When you’re posting comments on social media,
a. don’t worry about the details of spelling and punctuation.
b. exercise your free-speech rights by ranting and raving at length.
c. promote your products and services aggressively.
d. provide short “chunks” of information that can help others who visit the site.

8. Which of the following is an audio or video option for replacing newsletters, training courses, and other communication activities?
a. Social networks
b. Content sharing sites
c. Wikis
d. Blogs
e. Podcasts

9. The term ____ represents the use of game thinking in mobile apps and web services to engage
a. gamification
b. contest simulation
c. shadow boxing
d. event-based learning

10. Which of the following is one way to foster collaborative writing when a group is geographically dispersed?

a. Podcasts
b. Wikis
c. Email
d. Messaging
e. Corporate websites


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