1. What are impacts of globalization on location decisions of organizations?
A. Economic reforms, impact on location choice for organizations, multi-location (globalized) operations
B. Expanding markets, manpower recruitment, expanding financial market
C. Quality business management, location planning, Govt. laws and regulations
D. Worldwide competition, Quality of output, capitalist countries investment

2. What are the factors affecting location decisions?
A. Only the government regulatory and policy issues
B. Market related issues, cost-related issues, regu￾latory and policy issues, culture, climate, quality of life
C. Behavioral pattern and standard of living
D. All the above

3. The decision taken by an organization to set up their sites based on the geographical aspects of the loca￾tion is termed as:
A. Location decision
B. Geographical decision
C. Infrastructural decision
D. None of the above

4. What are the two aspects that could affect the loca￾tion planning problem significantly?
A. Govt. planning and rules, cost of communication
B. Availability of good transportation infrastructure, usage of internet and IT infrastructure
C. Technical know-how availability, manufacturing philosophy
D. Suppliers of raw material, customers availability

5. What pertain to the choice of appropriate geographi￾cal sites for locating the various manufacturing and
service facilities of an organization?
A. Location decisions
B. Production decisions
C. Manpower decisions
D. Financial decisions

6. What are the effectives of regulatory issues?
A. TNGST                                                                                                                                                                                                                   B. GST, ST
C. IT                                                                                                                                                                                                                          D.VAT, FDI

7. The three steps required for location planning:
A. Identity the set of factors that could influence the location decision, establish the relative importance of these measures for the location decision, develop a methodology to assess the impact of the factors
B. Identity the set of factors that could influence the production, establish the relative importance of these measures for the production decision, develop a methodology to assess the value
C. Manpower identity, geographical identity, raw material identity
D. Competitors identity, warehouse identity, selling point identity

8. In the case of multiple plants and multiple demand points, the location problem can be solved using which of the below standard?
A. Land model
B. Transportation model
C. Labour market
D. Market survey

9. Which are the two tools that affect location design?
A. Availability of good transportation infrastructure, use of Internet and IT
B. Availability of raw materials, use of low scale labour
C. Availability of low cost factor, use of low maintenance
D. Availability of good demand, use of prompt supply

10. Location decision could be one of the two:
A. One facility-multiple candidates, and multiple facilities-multiple candidates
B. Two facilities-multiple candidates, and multiple facilities-one candidate
C. Three facilities-multiple candidates, and multiple facilities-two candidates
D. Four facilities-multiple candidates, and multiple facilities-three candidates


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