1. Which are the three major economic activities in any country?
A. Manufacturing, Service and Agriculture
B. Foreign Direct Investments (FDI), Agriculture and Manufacturing
C. Agriculture, IT sector and Telecommunication
D. None of the above

2. What does IIP, CMIE and PAT stands for?
A. Index of Industrial Production, Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy, Profit After Tax
B. International Index of Production, Centralised Monitoring of Indian Economy, Profit Associated with Tax
C. Indian Index of Production, Centre for Measuring Indian Economy, Profit Aligned with Tax
D. None of the above

3. Services are always:
A. Inventoried
B. Perishable
C. Reusable
D. Returnable

4. What are the key functional areas in any Organization?
A. Warehousing, Logistics, Procurement and Sales
B. Housekeeping, Supervising, Material Control and Tools Management
C. Finance, Operations, Marketing and HRM
D. Routine Checking, Medications, Oxygen Cylinder Fixing and Reporting

5. How many layers are there in an operational function in any organization?
A. 4                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  B. 6
C. 5                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 D. 7

6. What an organization has to do to achieve the targeted production and service delivery?
A. Structural planning
B. Financial planning
C. Functional planning
D. Operational planning

7. The wholesome activity that an operating system uses to convert the raw materials into useful products is termed as:
A. Processing
B. Progressing
C. Conversion process
D. None of the above

8. A very crucial and important aspect of Operations Management is:
A. Reaching the desired targeted production
B. Estimating the demand
C. Ensuring smooth operations on the floor
D. All the above

9. What includes the various activities that an operating system undertakes to convert the raw material into useful products for the customers?
A. Processing
B. Forecasting
C. Quality management
D. Maintenance management

10. In operations management what establishes the overall constraints under which the operations system functions?
A. Design issues
B. Long term issues
C. Short term issues
D. Control issues


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